Road Construction Contractors

There are many benefits of using asphalt and macadam in construction compared to using other materials. driveway contractors prefer to use this method of construction for various reasons highlighted above. Most of the surfacing and construction companies use asphalt and are available for everyone. So whether you want asphalt for domestic or commercial purposes, feel free to consult any of them for their services.

The construction industry is one that has been around for ages and will be here for a very long time to come. Without construction, people would not have buildings or even roads to use. Roads however are not as simple as they seem - certain roads will need pipe expansion joints in place if the earth is known to move slightly over time. The construction industry is therefore very vital. The construction and surfacing industry has evolved to use asphalt and macadam for various reasons, the major one being that it leads to the construction of long lasting roads.

Extra information about pipe expansion joints

The process involves mixing asphalt with gravel and placing it on the compacted base, after which, the contractors add a third layer and roll it up to fill up the spaces left in between. Macadam uses compacted crashed granite or greenstone covered by light stone on the surface. The light stone absorbs wear and tear and shed water to the drainage ditches. The construction and surfacing industry uses asphalt as a binder. It is a semi-solid form of petroleum, which when mixed with small particles of gravel, creates asphalt concrete which is used in roads or housing.

The benefits of using asphalt and macadam include:

Improved Water Drainage

The use of porous asphalt on the surface provides higher level of water drainage from the roads into the ditches thereby reducing the risk of skidding on the roads. It also reduces water spray thereby improving the visibility on the roads in rainy conditions.

Easier To Repair

Whether it is a single pothole or an entire road, asphalt makes it easier to scrap off the top surface and make the necessary repairs on the roads within a short time. This also reduces traffic disturbances.

Improved Safety

Asphalt has modification ability that can suit the needs of a specific road whether used for heavy loads or has adverse climatic conditions.

Reduced Cost

Asphalt can be recycled which saves money and preserves landfill.

Reduced Dust and Noise

The standard asphalt surface produces less noise compared to noise produced by the standard concrete surface. The porous asphalt further reduces noise and the relatively dust proof surface reduces dust.